Practice Merge

The practices will hold patient engagement events in order to hear your views and what changes you would like to see as part of the merger. These events will be held on Monday 25th February 2019 at 2pm and 6pm at The Foundry, 17 Oval Way, London, SE11 5RR, in the Conference Hall.

Travel Clinics


Unfortunately due to a national shortage of travel vaccines we have had to cancel all future travel clinics until further notice. We are still able to provide the yellow fever vaccination which is £50.00 and MEN ACWY which is £30.00
If you need any further advice, please contact the surgery and book a telephone appointment with one of our nurses

Making the most of your appointment

Multiple problems

Some people come with a number of problems, or remember another problem halfway through the consultation which can make it difficult to keep to time. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your appointment.

  • Be prepared and make a list of your concerns  before seeing the doctor so you can agree together what you need to discuss during the appointment
  • Sharing your list with your Dr means you can agree which problems can realistically be dealt with that day.
  •  Rushing though a long list can feel unsatisfactory for you and possibly lead to missing important symptoms at the time.
  • We have forms at the reception desk and waiting area you can use to help you do this.
  • If you do have a number of concerns that you  would like to discuss you can explain that to your GP who may suggest booking a longer appointment in the future

 Admissions to hospital

When someone is very unwell they may need admitting to a local hospital and the GP may have to do that there and then. This will involve the GP talking to the team at the hospital which can take some time and may require emergency treatment by the GP at the practice, sometime with the support of the ambulance crew as well, before they are transferred to hospital. 

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated in these situations

Interruptions from other Health Care Providers

GPs are part of a larger health care team and are often contacted by A&E departments, hospital doctors, laboratories, midwives, health visitors, social services etc.

We try to arrange these conversations after booked surgeries, but in emergency/ urgent situations this cannot wait and so your GP may be dealing with one of these teams whilst you’re in the waiting room.

By liaising with that team, it means that that patient in question can be treated as quickly as possible in that location.  Remember; it could be your relative who is waiting to be treated.